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rmcmichael's Garage

1997 Pontiac Sunfire SE 2dr Coupe

Questions & Answers

Q: no heat Audi A4?

Blows cool inside car was told by Audi that it was a bad heater core but both hoses are hot going into heater core. Anybody help me with this issue?

Q: Low beams in-op?

Started no headlights, replaced headlamp or mutifunction switch now high beams work but will not go to low beam. Blue light for high beams stays on even when clicking switch. Also the fuses in fuse box inside have no power to brake lamp fuse and accy. power fuse, can you tell me where the power to those circuits comes from? Thanks for any help first time user, thanks again

Q: no brake lights or turn signals?

Have no power to brake lamp fuse inside car, turn signals also in-op and emergency flashers in-op no power going to power assy fuse inside car also. Is there a common thread possibly between these? Also headlamps only work on high beam has new headlamp switch. Is this the daytime running lamp relay?