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2008 Honda Accord Sedan EX 4dr I4 Auto

Questions & Answers

Q: More outside noise from driver side door??

About a year ago I started noticing that from my drivers side door ( specifically between the front and rear drivers side doors) I started to notice a LOT more road and outside noise. I took it in to honda and they stated everything was "according to spec" but I still hear a lot of noise. Has anyone had or noticed this and any ideas what I could do? Could the seams/seals be worn down? Can they be replaced? Thx

A: Self Locking?

You actually can override/change this. Check your manual.

A: Self Locking?

Yes this is by design. Check the manual, you might be able to override this but I actually like it and it is only sometimes annoying.

A: Automatic Locks?

Yes this is by design. It is a safety feature.

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