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rwilliams's Garage


2009-06-12 12:59:03
Super fun car!   . . . . .   
I am not a car owner, which means I drive a LOT of different cars. For long weekends I rent cars and for daily stuff, I
do This weekend was a trip to Target in a City Carshare, a cherry red 2008 Honda Fit. Picking it
up, it definitely looked like the dreaded Chevy Aveo (which feels and drives like a shoebox). But upon nearly squealing
out of the driveway, I realized this was not a normal 4-cylinder rollerskate. About 10 blocks of city driving and I'm
on a highway merge. Slammed my foot down and I was in the left lane booking along jamming to the Clash (the speakers are
really good, but why did they use a proprietary stereo system instead of a head unit?). Taking the long way, I went
around some fun curves where it felt like a sports car. Getting to Target, I fit in one of those spots where an SUV
parked poorly and left a 3/4 size spot. Coming back out, I couldn't believe it fit so much stuff - and in a 4-door, so I
didn't have to jam it all in a tiny backseat! My only complaint was that this car only had 5K miles on it and there was
a rattle in the dashboard on potholed city streets. This car is sporty, fun, fast, and corners well. If I were to buy
a car, this would be at the top of my list.

2009-06-12 12:59:03
Long weekend camping   . . . . .   50% Useful Rating
As a non-car-owner, I drive a lot of different cars on weekends and for errands. This one was rented for a weekend of 4
people car camping. I drove around the city picking people up and was surprised by how long it was. Backing up was a
little harrowing since it is SO LONG, but that does mean it can fit nearly all my belongings in it. As a nice addition
though, it has a slow to fast beep to tell you when you're about to smash into a car behind you. The smart doors were
a little annoying, but we all got used to it. God forbid you'd have to use a muscle - it's all buttons to open and
close. Once we got 4 people and all our stuff in, we started out onto the highway. Unfortunately, since it looks like
a slow soccer mom van, everyone on the highway cit me off. However, once it got up to speed it was nice and fast. My
passengers opened and poked at every nook and cranny and pronounced it "cool". There were drink holders for everyone,
individual seats (not bench), containers on the ceiling, and plenty of space for stretching out and cargo. On the way,
we listened to NPR and everyone could hear it clearly, which is somewhat of an anomaly since usually speakers are in
places that cargo covers. The front and rear climate controls definitely came in handy as well. Once we got to the
turnoff for our destination, there was a 6 mile dirt road - the van felt more like a pickup truck than a car on this
portion. It handled well and maintained its stability so my passengers didn't feel like we were offroading. As a side
note: we got a flat tire on the way back. There was a notification that the back left tire was low and I ignored it -
how do they do that anyway? We couldn't change it because we'd never lowered a tire from underneath. Once the spare was
on, it surprisingly felt normal (though slower of course). In all, it handles well and has decent pick-up, but its
highlight is the little comforts on the interior and its cargo space.

2008-01-28 19:19:17
   . . . . .   

2008-01-28 19:18:29
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