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ryangmann's Garage

1994 Cadillac Concours Base 4dr Sedan


2010-02-25 23:58:13
I love my '94 Concours!   . . . . .   
I purchased my Cadillac in October of 2008 with 94,000 original miles on it. I was fortunate enough to buy this vehicle
from an older family who took amazing care of it. The original owner leased it from the dealer and used this as his
company car. It saw every oil change and service from a dealer for over half its life. All together I have put about a
total of $1,500 worth of parts and labor into it (that includes oil and transmission fluid change), which sounds high,
but in reality is normal of any car. If you get the oil changed at Valvoline, it’s going to run you nearly $90 for
full synthetic. I replaced the alternator, belt tensioner, A/C compressor, spark plugs, spark plus wires, rotors,
brakes, water pump, and have had it in every 3,000 miles for an oil change. It's normal wear and tear for a 16 year old
car if you ask me. The struts are the original struts so they are not quite as comfortable as I'd like, but they are
pretty exceptional for the age and use. Although, it's a 4,000 pound car, this thing moves! The 280 horse, 300 lb ft.
torque engine and 4 speed transmission, will get you where you need to be at any speed you desire. Not to brag, but I've
had this thing up to 120 miles per hour with room to go. With that power and performance, comes fuel economy. Don't
expect a lot if you're going that fast :) I regularly drive from central Ohio to the Cincinnati area and if I set the
cruise at 65 on the nose, I see highway MPG at about 28! I constantly run 93 Octane fuel or better and use Lucas
injector/fuel system cleaner at every oil change. Performance and fuel economy wise, you cannot go wrong with this
vehicle. It has the power of a V-8, with the fuel economy capabilities of a V-6. The cabin of this car makes me wonder
why I don’t just live out of it. The front seats are big, luxurious leather chairs that make you feel as if you were
at home. The back seat of this car is immensely large! You can comfortably fit 3 of your adult friends in the back with
no issues of comfort. There have been complaints of the climate control system, yet I have had no such issues. You set
the thing on 72; your entire cabin space will be 72. The auto function is great, especially if you are on the highway.
It will allow your blower to vary its speed based on the cool air (or hot) coming from the outside, which obviously
varies as your speed increases or decreases. Everything on the interior is power, which is a nice added touch. The
sunroof is one of my favorite parts of the car because of its sheer size! Opening it all the way up makes it feel like a
convertible. The Delco (Bose) sound system provides a great balance of sound and encompasses you in whatever you’re
listening to. The only negative aspect is that it does not have an equalizer…just two sliding tabs to adjust the bass
and treble. But, considering this is a 94, I can’t be too upset. In any case, it packs a nice punch. Installing an
aftermarket navigation/cd system would really bring this cars interior up to date. This car as a whole is an excellent
choice for whatever you do. I will take you on long car rides quite comfortably, and get you there in style. This car,
as with any, absolutely REQUIRES that you keep up with the maintenance. If you’re looking for a big car with lots of
comfort and amenities, the ’94 Concours is for you!

Questions & Answers

A: how to tune up a 1994 cadillac concour?

Northstar engines are designed that they do not need the conventional "tune-up." They are manufactured so that spark plugs and plug wires only need replaced every 100,000 miles and the coil packs only need replaced as they malfunction. The timing on these engines also does not need to be messed with. The engine has sensors to increase or decrease timing based on the variabilites that may occur. Really, the only "tune-up" these cars need are oil changes, air filter changes and transmission fluid changes (transmission only requires new fluid every 100,000 miles). Other things you will want to keep a close eye on is the coolign system. All aluminum engines are great for power and fuel mileage, but cannot take much abuse with overheating. One case of overheating will warp the heads. Make sure to check the coolant hoses for cracks or leaks, or replace them about every 100,000 miles. It's a cheap and reliable way to ensure your engine is getting proper circulation. Also, the water pump is designed so that when it stops working, it drops fluid. This can be dangerous since the car will over heat very quickly, regardless of outside temperatures. Mine went out in the middle of January and overheated within about 30 seconds. If you need the water pump replaced take it to a mechanic that works on cooling systems. The pump housing cannot be purchased from places like Advance Auto or Napa. It comes directly from a dealer and runs about $35.00 bucks. If you replace the water pump, be smart and replace the thermostat. Hope this helps.

A: flap undercarriage left front wheel?

It's a rubber slash guard which is designed to do exactly what it says. They come from the factory with zip ties. Easy and cheap fix.

A: How often should I have an oil change?

The '94 Concours models have an "oil life indicator" which can be accessed by pressing the "information" button until you reach the indicator. It will give you a percentage of your oil life that in remaining. (i.e. 94% oil life left). The computer in this car calculates your driving habits as well as the oil temperatures and gives you the oil life percentage that you read on the dash. It is a very accurate calculator. Mine has ranged from 3,000 to about 4,000 miles between oil changes. You will have to manually reset the calculator by pressing the "information" button until you reach the indicator. Once you reach the indicator press and hold the "reset" button unil the indicator reads 100%. If you don't trust the calculator a recommended change of ever 3,000 to 4,000 miles is appropriate. Most engines are good for 5,000, but with an all aluminum engine you want to be careful. The seals on the pistons and such are less likely to fail if the oil is maintained every 3,000 to 4,000 miles.