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samanthak91981's Garage

1974 Ford Pickup Reg Cab Base

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: At cold start the engine hesitates to start, and when it finally does it idles low,rough then stalls?

New timing chain,battery,cap and rotor,fuel filter and pump, cleaned carb and points, fairly new plugs and wires,adjusted 2bbl carb, etc....This is a 1974 F-350 with 360 motor. Please help! Unless you are always giving it gas it will die at idle. We did notice that when you push down on distributor and lean it to the left it straightens right out and sounds perfect! But don't know what to do next

A: 1950 Ford pick up starter or timing?

We have a 1974 F350 and decided to buy a timing light because we had to keep borrowing our neighbors..... And just replaced the timing chain, ugh.Having similar problems ourselves now though. But you should definatly check the timing before you throw more money at it

Q: Why does it start, idle so low, then stall unless you give it steady gas????

1974 F350 with 360 motor, 2bbl carb. We payed $600 for it in December and have pretty much rebuilt the thing and spent more money on it then it's probably worth...but it's an awesome truck. It has been running great for the last few months but it didn't want to start one morning. After adjusting the timing we realized that the timing chain was no good so since then we have replaced the timing chain, put new fuel filter on and lines, good battery,starter,plugs, wires, cap and rotor, etc...basically all the obvious stuff has either been checked or replaced. When you try to turn it over it hestitates a lot. Usually have to adjust the carb to get it going. But then it idles very rough and low and will stall unless you keep revin' it up. I did notice that when I push down on cap and rotor and lean it to the left that it straightens right out and runs perfect, but can't make it stay like that. So, what is the answer?? Any suggestions? Please help...I'm tired of my husband throwing money at it....