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samu7617's Garage

2009 Nissan Altima 2.5 S 2dr Coupe I4 Man

Questions & Answers

A: how much should I expect to pay to repair?

They want 135.00 for an estimate. Sam

Mechanic Q: how much should I expect to pay to repair?

my convertible SLK230 broke a spring putting the top down. It has two hooks on a spring and one came off that pulls the side trianglular cover when the top is down. It gets stuck now when I try to put the top up or down. The one on the other side is ok it's folds up nicely.

Mechanic Q: Convertible top repair?

I was putting the top down and a roll of paper towels got caught in the crack of the closest trim to the seat. The peice is flat with two trianglular wings on each end. The drivers side wing one pulled a spring loose. how much should I expect to pay to repair. one end of the spring is still atattched the other is pulled open. I can't get to it because i've had a stroke and can't pull the hook back into a ciccle.