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sarah_u6si's Garage

2008 Nissan Altima 2.5 S 2dr Coupe I4 Man S


2012-10-02 15:36:38
Not what I expected...   . . . . .   
I looked at the Altima Coupe for years before actually buying one. I thought that since Nissan made quality vehicles,
this one would be a good choice. I have had nothing but problems out of my Altima Coupe from day 1. The TPMS sensor
light never goes off. It has been on since I drove it off the lot, even though all four tires are at proper pressure.
The side impact airbag light came on out of no where one day, resulting in a trip to the dealership. They fixed the
sensor that was bad, but in doing so, un-programmed the automatic windows. They would roll down by automatically, but
not up as they are supposed to. Luckily, after some internet research, I found out how to reprogram them without going
back to the dealership. Then there was the "Service Engine Soon" light that comes on and goes off by itself. However,
after it coming on and staying on a few days, I took the car to the shop, only to find out that there was little to no
oil in the car. (My next oil change was scheduled for 2 months out. And the dealership was the last place to service
the car.) Perhaps this is not a reflection on poor quality of the car, but on the uneducated service people who
initially worked on the car before I purchased it. It runs rough quite often, makes weird noises, and all in all makes
me with I hadn't ever purchased the car. The interior is designed well, but of poor quality. The dash board is peeling,
and the chrome around the air conditioner vents has started to bubble. I love the way the car looks and it has a great
factory Bose stereo system, but that's about it. Maybe I got a lemon, who knows, but I won't be buying another Nissan
product any time in the future.