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2009 Toyota Corolla LE 4dr Sedan Auto (GS)

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: heating sistem?

Dear specialists My car is Toyota Corolla 2009 LE 1.8 I am anxious that my heater core doesn’t work normally, it doesn’t blow enough warm in the cabin. Maybe the corolla’s heater blows warm after enough working engine? But after driving 15 minutes, as I look at the water temperature dart, it keeps as normal level it must be. One more question, there is a button A/C and I was using it when I put on cold regime ( in summer ) maybe for this heating regime I should push it too? Thank you

A: heating sistem?

Dear Richard W Thank you very much for helping me. I opened the hood, then I tried to find your mentioned “heater control valve” I couldn’t find it, where is it located under hood?

Mechanic Q: A problem that can be due to squeaking (weak) serpentine belt?

The heater blows not so much warm air ( like lukewarm ) but when I push the gas pedal and keep it several seconds I see becoming warmer. But when engine works low it’s becoming again comparable lukewarm. I am doubting maybe because of weak serpentine belt the water pump is not able to reach the water to the heater core?? Thank you

Mechanic Q: Tachometer vibration?

When the car is stopped but the engine is working, then I keep the gaz pedal ( tachometer dart between 1000 - 2000 ) so the tachometer dart smoothly rises up and falls down… and as much as I keep it, it will be continuously. And especially when I drive and I brake, the tachometer darts again falls down enough , and starting vibrates, the impression like soon the engine will be shut. Please, could you exactly let me know where is the problem, and how can I repair it. Thank you