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saundra_ghsm's Garage

2007 Toyota Camry CE 4dr Sedan I4 Manual (SE)


2010-05-11 13:33:01
Camry 07   . . . . .   100% Useful Rating
I love my 2007 Camry. The only problems that I have is with the warrenty. My warrenty has expired and as I read from
another writer, Toyota has not been helpful with me obtaining an extended warrenty for my vechile. I have thought of
trading my car for another, but I love my Camry and it's almost paid off! LOL It's in great shape and still shine
like the day I purchased it off the showroom floor. My only complaint is with the dealer not working with me to get an
extended warrenty for the car, With all the recalls that are going on with these models, what is wrong with offering me
some assistance!!! I contacted the dealer and in turn he contacted the financial instituation and they stated NO!!!
what's up with that......Can someone offer me some advise.