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scolascioneiii's Garage

2007 Chrysler 300-Series Base 4dr Sedan 300 RWD


2009-06-10 15:26:03
Chrysler 300C   . . . . .   
Reliability? Well, that hasn't been so great during my first half year with the car. Though the issues have been fixed,
the main issue took several months to take care of. And, being used to service at dealerships like Lexus and Cadillac,
service is a bit shoddy. However, the performance of this vehicle is amazing! Off the line, it's a little weak - it's a
very heavy car - but once you're moving, the torque seems endless. You can REALLY pick up and go even at 80mph. Quality
isn't bad at all - except for the fact that it's very noise inside. It's not a quiet car by any means. Though it's a
fairly luxurious car with many nice options - which brings me to Comfort - which is excellent. Front and back, there's
plenty of room. A car that normally goes this fast doesn't have so much room. It's a very comfortable car. Ride
quality? Well, it doesn't handle like a BMW - but who cares? Not everybody wants a firm ride. The ride is fairly soft
and it doesn't handle badly at all. Style? That's really why I bought it. I'm not a big fan of Chrysler, but this car
is very good looking. I just had to have it. :)

2009-06-10 15:26:03
2005 Cadillac Escalade ESV   . . . . .   
Reliability? I haven't had a single problem with this vehicle in the two years I've owned it. I VERY rarely ever keep a
car for more than a year - so this is a big change for me. I really do like this SUV. Performance? There is none. I
mean, for a full-size SUV it's not bad at all - but it's nothing of a performer. Quality? Not bad, really.. The
interior is very Fisher Price looking, however. Very cheap looking. But, the quality isn't actually bad.. It's
decent.. Comfort? This is a VERY comfortable vehicle! For the driver and all of it's passengers.. There's hardly ever a
time - actually - there's never a time where I don't drive when going out with other people... Ride? The ride is BAD.
The Lincoln Navigator has an independent real suspension which really helps over bumps. The Escalade is very choppy over
bumps and you feel every ant you ride over in the road. I thought the ESV (extended service vehicle) would have a decent
ride with the very long wheelbase, but I was wrong. The ride isn't anything to brag about. Style? It's what made my buy
this vehicle - and what keeps me owning it. I love the looks of this SUV - even more so than the new one. The new one
looks too much like other GM vehicles. My Escalade has a very unique look to it. And I'm not one of those people who
only likes his Escalade because he can't afford a new one. I admit - I love the interior of the new Escalade - but even
the seats aren't as comfortable. I could buy 4 new Escalades if I wanted to. I don't want one.

2009-06-10 15:26:03
2007 Chrysler 300C   . . . . .   
Reliability? Well, after taking several months to fix a stalling issue, I suppose it's okay now.. Service wasn't exactly
very good, however - though I'm coming from Lexus and Cadillac service... Performance? This car is a beast! You can get
up and go VERY easily at 80mph. Off the line is a little weak being this is a very heavy car - but 0-60 comes in 5.4
seconds. That's impressive for such a large and comfortable car... Quality? It's pretty good, really. I don't have any
issues with the build quality at all. It's not a Lexus, but it's not a Chevy either. Comfort? This is a VERY
comfortable car for both driver and passengers. Plenty of room and various luxury amenities make it very
pleasant. Ride? It's not harsh like a BMW and not soft like a Lexus LS. It's a very nice mix and I find it very
comfortable. Style? It's the reason I bought a 300C.

2008-06-04 16:58:15
2008 Chevrolet Malibu   . . . . .   25% Useful Rating
I don't own this vehicle, but have tested it quite a bit. The exterior is, to me, much nicer than that of the sedans it
competes with - the Honda Accord, the Toyota Camry and the Nissan Altima. The Altima is a close second, however... In
regards to the interior - that's another story. It's odd because when you look at the inside in pictures, it beats the
competition (all but the Accord). But once you actually get inside - opinions change. While it looks very, very nice -
it feels very, very cheap. I sat in the Malibu expecting it to feel as high quality as it looked - but it just didn't.
Everything felt like cheap plastic. Sure, this is an inexpensive car - but none of the other competition feels this
cheap. I'm comfortable in most cars - but not this one. This is a car I could not own due to the discomfort I felt
inside. Even the Hyundai Sonata was easy to get comfortable in...

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Questions & Answers


Hello Helen, Is it possible that you're having an issue with the air conditioning condenser? If there's a leak, you could be out of the refrigerant. Who replaced the water pump and radiator? If it was the dealership, than they should have figured out the problem under warranty. Sal C.

Q: Has anyone done minor bolt-on modifications to their 300C around here? Intake, exhaust, etcetera? Ju?

I'm looking to get an idea what bolt-ons like intake and exhaust do to 1/4 mile and 0-60 times... Thanks in advance... P.S. I know this is in the Intake and Fuel Delivery area but I'm also curious about the exhaust end of the deal...