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2007 Toyota Prius Base 5dr HB (GS)

Questions & Answers

Q: Update Navigation Maps?

Does anyone have an affordable way to update the maps on the 2007 Prius Navigation system? You can buy a new portable system for less than 1/2 the cost of the upgrade that I've seen~! Thanks-

Mechanic Q: Hatch switch melting??

Every time I open the hatch, I get black all over my fingers and nails. I put a piece of paper on the switch and it stuck to it - with no adhesive! It's been on for 3 weeks or more already. I live in South Florida, and it does get hot but I wonder if this is a design defect and if it can be repaired. Has anyone else had this?

A: Hatch switch melting??

I emailed Toyota; they called my dealer and my car is there right now - getting fixed for free! Thanks