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2009 Honda Civic Sedan LX 4dr Auto

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Lease coming to an end?

Hi, I lease a 2009 Civic Sedan. I've been researching 2012 cars to replace this one. I will most likely have to lease again since it is the only affordable route for me. We are hoping to find a hatchback I'm running into the same issue, the dealers are all telling me I'll need to put $2000-3000 down and my monthly payments will still go up to afford to lease a 2012 car (I currently pay $202/month). It is even more expensive to try to buy the car I'm currently driving as I had a small accident with the car that affects the left side panel. I'm a single mom. I cannot come up with $3000.00. My teenage son is 6'3" and growing. How can I find a car that I can afford with enough leg room for my tall son and good gas mileage? I need my monthly payments to stay around $200/month (or even go down, if possible). Any suggestions on a car I can afford? Thanks.

Mechanic Q: 2002 Ford Focus Sedan Repair issues?

Elizabeth, thanks for your reply below, but I think I need to ask the question in a different way. I have a 2002 Ford Focus, 120,000 miles with recently $450.00 in repairs and have been told another $2500 more repairs to keep the car running (brakes, motor mounts, heater and air conditioner, emissions issues, and more). 1) If I fix the car, what are the chances it will have more major repair issues in the next year? 2) If I fix it, will it last another couple of years? 3) Should I just replace it at this point? I can't afford much. Thanks.

Mechanic Q: I need advice on whether to repair my car or trade it in for a newer car.?

I have a 2002 Ford Focus Sedan with over 110,000 miles. It has a number of required repairs, including the need to replace the environmental controls for emissions. I think I should replace the car rather than fixing it at this point. Should I get the emissions issue fixed before I try to trade it in or not bother?