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shanhu's Garage

2004 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS 4dr 2WD Auto 2.7L V6

Questions & Answers

Q: Has anyone had problems with the paint??

A few months after I bought my Santa Fe the gray trim paint on the drivers side started chipping. I got some Patch paint and touvhed it up. But, it has continued to chip making the car look older. Also, I have the sky blue color on the rest of the vehicle. When someone scratched it, I went to the dealer to get a patch-up paint. They didn't have it because the car was a couple of years of old by that time, so they mixed it for me. I put it on all the places that were scratched only to discover the blue didn't match! When I went back to the dealer, they just said sorry. So my car looks worse than if I had left it alone!! I'm sure I will think twice about getting another Hyundai.

A: "Bucking" car?

I have a 2004 Santa Fe with a 6. The mechanic at the Hyundai dealer said that was because it was a 6 which was more powerful. He said the 4's don't do that. It's very annoying though, not to mention embarassing when I have a passenger who doesn't know about this and just thinks I'm a race driver. I always have to explain.