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sheilarie's Garage

1982 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible Base

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: I need a carb expert,I think?

Are there any carb techs out there that know how to work on a 1982 chrysler lebaron?Please email me at will be amazed if I get a response,I have been turned down by a chrystler dealership on my car

A: 1982 chrysler lebaron?

thank you for your help

Mechanic Q: 1982 chrysler lebaron?

can anybody fix a carb on this?

Mechanic Q: Where can I find parts for this car??

I am in a nightmare,I am trying to get this car on the road, and when I fix one thing,something else goes bad and then nobody has parts to fix it! My shade-tree mechanic is hit or miss and I am so frustrated I can hardly stand it!I need an egr valve,or so I am told,some kind of float that regulates the gas flow,the fuel pump has been replaced and now it idles really fast and pops and snaps like crazy.The convertible top will go down,but not up,The driver side window doesn.t work,the door locking mechanism is not working.Only a few of the things my nightmare is made of.Can you help me find parts for any of these things? I want this car on the road,

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