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1998 Saab 900 S 3dr Coupe Turbo Auto w/Sunroof

Questions & Answers

A: tires constantly going flat?

Thank you for your reply. I brought my car to a business registered with BBB and AAA. They recommended putting nitrogen in my tires to see if this will eliminate the tires going flat, which I did and so far so good. However, I have noticed that they are losing weight not sitting as high as the rear tires. So I will be bringing my car back to this place and ask them to remove the tires and to check the rims. At that point I will ask them to dip them in water to see if there are any air bubbles. It seems that businesses today do not want to do the "water" test for tires and of course you know their aim is to sell you new tires - scammers; shame on them. Anyway, thank you for your tip.

Mechanic Q: tires constantly going flat?

Originally I had one tire that was losing air frequently and especially after I had our local Sears rotate and balance tires. At this time the Sears person told me that the tire was not installed properly. I purchased these tires at Sears (at a different location). So when the same tire went flat again I returned to the same Sears and this time his story was that the seal around the rim needed to be redone and the stem needed to be replaced. You getting the picture...I've been to two other places concerning same problem and no one seems to be able to fix this problem. Also, I need to mention these tires don't have 10,000 miles on them yet. I'm very good about taking care of my car and always have my tires balanced and rotated at least three times a year. Anyway, I'm sick and tired of being nickled to death over this problem. Can you suggest a place that will really deal my problem. Thanks to you that reply.

Mechanic Q: drums and rotors?

How often do the brake drums and rotors need to be replaced?