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2000 Honda Civic CX 3dr HB Manual

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: cigar lighter removal?

Coupling nut fell off the lighter and falls out of the socket. Still works, but I need to get to the back of it to replace the nut. Do you know how best to access? Thanks

Mechanic Q: sliding moon roof.?

Aftermarket. Roof leaks. What is the best way to seal the leaks. It does not work well now and I don't use it. If I can seal it, what is the best type seal material

Mechanic Q: How to flush a condenser/A/C?

I flushed the condenser & changed the Compressor,evaporator valve, dryer & did everything right. Someone told me that I could not flush the condenser on this car because of the coils in it & I had to replace it. Can you advise? Car has the same problem as before, clutch will not engage & Low/& High side both read high.

Mechanic Q: Air conditioner clutch cycles on & off?

Plenty of freon. Air/con cycles on & off as you drive. 2 years ago replaced the compressor/clutch/pressure switch. Problem was still there but 90% better than before. Now the clutch clicks very loudly as the clutch tries to engage. Car idles very bad at this time. Unplugged the 2 prong high pressure switch & plugged back in. Air/conditioner worked for about 30 minutes & returned to clicking. Can't run the air at all now without clicking of clutch. Any ideas, I hear that this is not a rare problem with a 2000 Honda Civic DX

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