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2000 Honda Civic CX 3dr HB Manual

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Morning start up of car?

I have noticed that the starter turns longer before the car starts.up first thing in the morning(garage kept in Florida) If I turn the motor off, it will start back up right away. Am I looking a a potential problem

Mechanic Q: When to change spark plugs?

When should I change the plugs on 2000 Honda Civic. I have standard plugs in it now. 1.5yr installed Should I install long life plugs?

Mechanic Q: Should I replace, water pump, timing belts, & rotors at one time .?

07 Galant at 60K miles. Is the timing belt due to be replaced now & should I do the water pump & roller cams at the same time? Do you have estimates of cost. Here they list cost of repair separately. The dealer tells me to change the belt only????

Mechanic Q: Follow up to Elizabeth K answer?

Thanks Elizabeth, the codes are: PO 401 & PO 105

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