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2000 Honda Civic CX 3dr HB Manual

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Air condition clutch trips on & off?

Had the air condition overhauled 16months ago. I notice that the conditioner cycles off when the coolant fans come on. Back on when fan goes off. The orig complaint was the air cycled off & stayed off. I'm told that this is important due to being hard on the clutch of the AC

Mechanic Q: Replace PCV How to?

At last I found it. Can you tell me how to get to it. Looks like from the top, but may have to remove some parts to get to it.

Mechanic Q: How do I pull the engine codes on a 1995 before OBD2?

I see the connector, but my OBD2 tool won't fit. Someone told me I have to ground a pin & then watch for flashing on the dash? Can I use a volt meter or just a 12v light for this. Sounds complicated at least for the first time I do it. Any direction would help

Mechanic Q: Idle problem?

Car stalled totally at idle. I removed & cleaned the throttle body & now it will idle enough to drive, but struggles to idle at a stop. I could not find a vacuum leak. I have to give it a bit of gas to keep it at idle at stop. I tested the fuel injectors with a stethoscope & they click fine. Any idea, I am a shade tree mechanic & can follow instructions if I know location & parts plus have a Haynes manual.