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2000 Honda Civic CX 3dr HB Manual

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Car is misses while drive check engine blinks?

P1399 code mgf control ingition sys misfire Wires are firing . Where do I start. Misses on acceleration. Coil replaced , wires, replaced with tune up less than 2years ago

Mechanic Q: How to test the Idle Air Control valve?

I pulled the throttle body & cleaned well, put back on & car at least idled, but poorly & only starts when given gas. Removed again & now looking at how to test the IAC valve or to clean it or replace it Through help on here I have focused on the IAC valve. PS: Car should idle 750-800. In drive it idles 400, have to put in D or N to idle at 850

Mechanic Q: Air condition clutch trips on & off?

Had the air condition overhauled 16months ago. I notice that the conditioner cycles off when the coolant fans come on. Back on when fan goes off. The orig complaint was the air cycled off & stayed off. I'm told that this is important due to being hard on the clutch of the AC

Mechanic Q: Replace PCV How to?

At last I found it. Can you tell me how to get to it. Looks like from the top, but may have to remove some parts to get to it.