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2006 Chevrolet Colorado LT w/1LT Crew Cab 126.0 WB 2WD

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Feels like a boge down?

Feels Like>> Vehicle is sluggish>> When I need passing power and press the accelerator to the floor>> Yes>> feels like i have loos of horsepower but engine tries to shut down. when acc after 1st gear it is boging down and not much power through rest of gears. my truck has the standard trans in it. 5spd for you to know

A: Feels like a boge down?

i did the basics and had the alt. checked just changed out the battery in march of this year. i setteled most of the boge down when i changed the oil but it still has trouble and i was going to work monday morning and it took me 20-25 mins to start up my truck. if the fuel pressure regulator is going out would it cause my truck to loose prime every now and then? and could it cause the boge down of the engine? or could it be bc of the fuel pump?