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1992 Nissan Pickup Base King Cab

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: How to replace the serpentine belt on our 2000 Chevy Cavalier 2.2L 4-cyl.?

It looks difficult to replace the serpentine belt on this car because the upper motor mount is in the way. Does it have to be removed or can I take off the right front tire & go in thru. the wheelwell to loosen the tensioner & take off the belt. I don't have room to use my belt remover tool from up above, as the motor mount doesn't allow room for the arm of the tool to move. Please help with your expert advice. Thanks!!

Mechanic Q: How do I change the serpentine belt on this car??

The car has a 2.2L I4 OHV engine & the motor mount is in the way of changing the belt. Do I remove the motor mount or the right front tire & wheel & remove plastic panels in the wheelwell to get to the belt tensioner.

Mechanic Q: Engine cranks but won't start?

Parked my 90 Cavalier, auto. 2.2L 4-cyl. 230K mi. in the garage overnight & when I tried to start it the next day, it would crank over, but wouldn't start. Ran fine prior to this happening. Have no spark to the plugs. New plug wires put on 3 weeks ago. Put gas down the intake to see if it was an elec. fuel pump problem & it wouldn't fire. Can hear the fuel pump run when key is turned & cranking. Replaced ignition module & both coil packs, checked for broken/loose wires & fuses & still no fire to the plugs. Was told it may be the crankshaft position sensor or ign. switch in the steering column. Turned steering wheel back & forth & wiggled auto. trans lever when cranking to see if elec. short is cause & no worked ok. No codes come up when checked. Any ideas/suggestions?

A: How do I replace the lower heater hose on my 1992 Nissan 2WD truck with the 4cyl. KA24E engine??

Sorry for the very long delay in responding to you. The suggestion I gave you worked for me & may very well work for others who ask for your professional advice. A 4WD may need to have access another way, but really shouldn't, since the 4WD CV joints are out of the way. If the vehicle has quad shocks, then removal of one or both of them may be required. Have a SUPER GREAT New Years!! -Greg

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