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2000 Chevrolet Cavalier LS 4dr Sedan

Questions & Answers

A: How do I replace the lower heater hose on my 1992 Nissan 2WD truck with the 4cyl. KA24E engine??

Sorry for the very long delay in responding to you. The suggestion I gave you worked for me & may very well work for others who ask for your professional advice. A 4WD may need to have access another way, but really shouldn't, since the 4WD CV joints are out of the way. If the vehicle has quad shocks, then removal of one or both of them may be required. Have a SUPER GREAT New Years!! -Greg

A: How do I replace the lower heater hose on my 1992 Nissan 2WD truck with the 4cyl. KA24E engine??

Hello, Elizabeth, I found out how to replace the lower heater hose on this vehicle. After I remove the right front wheel/tire assy. shroud/guard & intake manifold brace, then I can gain access to the hose that's clamped on a metal hose that's screwed in to the side of the engine block water jacket.

A: Engine cranks but won't start?

Hello, Tyler, Just wanted to let you know that the car started right up after I charged-up the battery & put in a new crankshaft position sensor. The old one had to literally be dug, pulled-pried & drilled out. It was a very lengthy process & who knows what a shop would've charged to do this. After 20 years it was fused to the block & I was breaking bolts trying to extract it (hard, stubborn plastic). Thanks again for your professional suggestions & expertise! -Greg

A: Engine cranks but won't start?

The "Check engine lamp" with ignition on doesn't show-up. I tried one of those metal code keys you connect to the computer plug-un that's under the dash on the driver's side & no codes come up. If the ECU was bad, a code of 5 flashes, pause & 5 more flashes would occur, which I don't see. I'm replacing the crank position sensor now to see if that's the problem. I don't see any under-the-hood fuses that could've burned out. Thanks for the helpful info.!

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