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1992 Nissan Pickup Base King Cab

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Car turns over but doesn't start.?

My car's 2.2L OHV won't start. Just turns over. Parked the car in the inside garage overnight & next morning it would crank over but not fire up. No spark to the plugs. Replaced plug wires, ign. module & both coil paks & still no spark. No codes come up. Checked the fuses in the pass. area & all are ok. Is there a main fuse somewhere or a problem with the ECM or crankshaft position sensor?

A: Engine cranks but won't start?

Thanks so much for the advice, TylerO. Is there a main underhood fuse that could've went bad overnight that I overlooked? No codes come up, even for a cam or crank sensor. I don't even know if the ECM has it's own code. The shop book doesn't state that. For now, I'm changing-out the crank sensor (no cam sensor on this model). It's frozen in place & coming out slowly in pieces.

A: how do I access the lower heater hose on a 1992 Nissan 2WD truck with a 4cyl. KA24E engine??

Thank you for getting back with me on this subject. The only way I can see removing the old hose & replacing it with a new one is to jack up & remove the passenger side right front wheel & tire assembly, then removing the intake manifold support bracket to (it bolts to the block & is under the motor mount) gain access to the clamp/hose assembly. I'm wondering if the intake manifold support bracket is really necessary, as I never seen one on any other car. Intake manifolds are supported by the bolts that attach them to the cylinder head. I'll be waiting for your reply & really appreciate you taking out the time to help me! -Greg

A: How do I access the lower heater hose on the 4 cyl KA24E engine to replace it? Space is nonexistent?

I looked underneath & everything looks very tight & I cannot visually see the end of the hose as it connects to the side of the engine, let alone getting my hand and an appropriate tool to remove & reconnect the hose.