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skipper's Garage

1998 Chevrolet S-10 LS Reg Cab 108 WB


2009-09-15 12:24:27
2005 Mustang GT convertible   . . . . .   
I've got 80k+ on this car, bought it brand new and have had *no* trouble with it. Great car!

2009-06-12 07:17:34
Had one -- loved it!   . . . . .   
*Very* fast for its day -- the fastest in fact. Also the lowest, by far, thanks to the mid-car universal bearing
allowing the long driveshaft to be effetively split into two pieces, one attached from the tail-shaft to the mid-ship
bearing and one from the "midship bearing" to the rear. I put 120k miles on mine and would love to have it
back. jerseygirl0920