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smintz's Garage

2001 Lexus ES 300 Base 4dr Sedan

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: How can I replace headlamp?

Lexus 2001 es300: How can I replace low beam without replacing a bad ballast? Bulb is new.

Mechanic Q: loud clunking sound from the back?

There is a clunking sound from the rear, almost like tools rattling oin the trunk(but not). new struts, new sway bars.

Mechanic Q: need new seats?

I was remiss and left the top down in Arizona heat. The stitching in the back seats now is giving way. Can used seats be available anywhere? Also, the top is discolored due to the sun. how can color be restored?

Mechanic Q: check engine light?

My check engine light was on(P0442). took it to Lexus for service. They said vacuum hose to charcoal canister was loose. after $600.00 to fix, light went on again 2 weeks later. Took it back, they now say canister is bad, but they reset light and now after 1 more month, light still not on. Wondering if Lexus disconnected sensor, since they insisted the canister had to be replaced. Also, no longer a pressure release when I remove gas cap to refuel.