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steven_5ur4b's Garage

2011 Hyundai Elantra GLS 4dr Sedan Man (Ulsan Plant)


2012-10-30 19:52:17
The shop was quick and honored   . . . . .   
The shop was quick and honored the special I had bought and forgotten about.

2012-09-30 03:50:02
The part we had waited a coupl   . . . . .   
The part we had waited a couple of weeks for them to get in was not tested until they had our car on site--it was bad so
we had to use a rental care for the next 3 days--rented by Hyundai which was OK. This is the third attempt to fix
whatever is causing the the check engine light to come on. Hope it does it this time, but really don't have much faith
in the shop nor the car at this point. If I could just go back 18 months I would keep my old Jeep. It was more
reliable. I never spent time in the shop waiting for repairs.

2012-08-13 15:14:02
Not impressed so far   . . . . .   
I have had this car in the shop now 2 times within 2 weeks because the check engine light keeps coming on, every time we
go on a long drive . I'm not liking the dependability of the car or the shops experience to fix this .I bought this car
tobe reliable , not sit in the waiting to get it fixed saturdays , thats the only day I can get it to them with my