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2003 Subaru Forester X 4dr 2.5 Manual

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Reoccuring low beam blowing out!??

Since July I have had my driver side headlights replaced 4 times. The low beam(high beam works fine) keeps blowing out. The mechanic who has been replacing it for free(under 6 month warranty)says that everything looks fine. Do you have any suggestions? Just to put my 2 sense into it: could it have anything to do with the relay switch-low to high beam and vice versa? It does appear to blow shortly after I use the high beams!? But then shouldn't both low beams blow!?

Mechanic Q:  Possible causes of check engine light being on??

I brought my car to have the check engine light diagnosed. $352 dollars later they replaced my intake oxygen sensor(oil change too). 30 seconds after leaving the dealer(not subaru)the engine light comes back on. Is there another oxygen sensor in this car that might have gone bad(the dealer says that this sometimes happens, ie.when one goes the other on? will follow) or am I being fed a line? Also, might there be another cause? I would appreciate you input. Thank you!

A:  Possible causes of check engine light being on??

OK. So you think that it is truly neccessary to have a Subaru dealer check out my car? The check engine light has come on twice more since the initial replacement of the oxygen sensor and the dealer(not subaru) has attempted to find the problem for gratis but after 5 more hours of checking they now thing that it is either the computer($1200) or the wires in a particular area that are faulty($500). However, they now would like to charge my to further diagnose the problem. I have declined for now. The car runs fine(idle is not as smooth as it used to be and upon letting up off the gas pedal I have noticed a more abrupt transition to costing. They tell me though that my car will not pass emissions if check engine light is on? This is the thing. I know that electical problems can be very difficult to diagnose as well as being costly. Does this problem sound like it might be a communication problem(electical). Should I sell the car or trade it in or do you really think my paying a Subaru dealer to diagnose this problem I will get a more certain response? Thanks again. Please help because I am stumped.