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1997 Chevrolet C K 1500 Base Reg Cab 117.5 WB (CMI)

Questions & Answers

A: Truck Running Like Crap?

Yes, you can pull off the upper intake manifold and remove the fuel injectors. You can then replace the fuel injectors with new fuel injectors that you can purchase at an auto parts store. You then will need to replace the upper intake manifold and the accessory units, like the fuel ilnes, and ignition coil and control module. Then you can try to start the truck and see if it works. hope this helps!

Q: Truck Running Like Crap?

My 97 Silverado is a 4X4 and has a Centurion Conversion package...I dont know if that changes anything mechanically but I doubt it. It went from running great to barely running in a matter of days. I started throwing parts at it; new plugs rotor, cap, wires, EGR, Ignition coil and module. Still no combustion on the #1 cyl. Beleive it may be a plugged injector. How can I verify this, or go about cleaning the poppets?

A: truck will not start?

It is most likely the fuel pressure regulater. These commonly fail on the 97 Vortec. Verify that the fuel pressure is at 60 PSI at the Schrader valve on the fuel line that enters the plenum (drivers side-should have a screw on cap). The fuel pressure regulator is located under the plastic plenum for the intake manifold, so it is a world of fun to get to! good luck.