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Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: My tail lights do not work. the right side high beam does?

My tail lights do not work. the right side high beam does not work. Is this related? I do not have power going to either. I have new and tested bulbs in both. I have replaced the headlight/turn/high-beam switch combo on the column. No improvement. the headlight relay checks out as good *I Think*.(It appears original) Is there another relay I need to check and/or replace. In its present condition it keeps popping the 10 amp fuse going from green/white to red/white wire in the fuse block What is the E.S.S. Relay? Any and all help and advice is appreciated. I you know of an electrical manual for this vehicle that is thorough let me know Thank you! Jerry "thewalzexperience"

A: how do you take off the back tail light so i can install new?

you access the tail light bulb sockets by opening the trunk and popping loose the plastic cover backs. 1982 2d coupe