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Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Rear A/C unit??

Do the 2003 Denali's have a separate a/c system (aak a rear unit) for the back of the vehicle? I could have sworn it did, but I may be thinking of my wife's old Ford Windstar. Thanks for your input!

Mechanic Q: 003 Denali sat for 2+ years, mechanic claims fuel lines rusted ...?

Hi: My 2003 Denali sat (unfortunately ) for approximately 2+ years (maybe 2 years, 3 months) without moving. It was recently towed (flatbed) and then towed again to a mechanic my father (not me) has been going to for years. I asked him to replace the battery (which I provided) as well as make sure it was ready to run AFTER SITTING for 2+ years. He did not mention lubing the o-rings / or priming the cylinders (cranking without ignition) before starting, draining the 2+ year-old gas, etc., etc., ... which had me feeling dubious about his expertise and/or "caring" from the get go. I didn't think you would just want to start up a vehicle that had sat for so long. Anyway, he came back to me a couple of days later saying that the fuel lines were corroded and it is leaking all over the place. I found that quite hard to believe considering the Denali had ZERO leaks (not a spot below it from where it was towed -- either time). I mentioned this to him and he said the stuff their adding to the salt during the winter has caused a great number of these to show up over the last year or two. The thing is, again this car sat (part of that time in a driveway) and was not driven in the snow, and the real kicker is, my area has seen little to no snow over the last two years. So am I just out of my league here, or is he potentially "taking me for a ride"? I would really appreciate any insight someone with knowledge in this area could share. Thanks, Tim