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Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: oil type for 2007 vw jetta wolfsburg?

Hi, Do you know what type (viscosity) of oil to use for 2007 vw jetta wolfsburg (we live in CT) ? Also same question for 2010 Mazda 3 and 1997 VW Jetta GLS (2.0 L). I am thinking of using synthetic in all cars. Thank you

A: How to locate and change leak detection pump?

I found it - near gas tank - not a bad job to replace so I did it. thanks

Mechanic Q: How to locate and change leak detection pump?

Hi - can you tell me where the leak detection pump is on my 2001 BMW 330i? Also how easy is it to change this as the code says it is bad? thanks

Mechanic Q: Oil Chnage?

Hi - I just bought a 2001 BMW 330i. I need to change the oil and wonder what kind of oil to put into it - I think synthetic but which brand - Mobil 1? And what viscosity ? Also - do you know how to change the oil snesor switch which is at the bottom of the oil pan - I see the oil light is lit up and I read that this switch could be the cause since it is full of oil. thanks

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