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1988 Jeep Wrangler Laredo 2D Utility 4WD

Questions & Answers

A: How to remove thermostat housing to replace thermostat?

Hi - thank you for the article. although the article reads for a 1998 Jetta - I presume it is same procedure for our 1997. Will give it a try . thanks again

Mechanic Q: How to remove thermostat housing to replace thermostat?

Hi - I am trying to remove the thermostat in 1997 VW jetta 2.0. I found the housing at end of lower radiator hose but cannot even see where the 2 screws are to remove this housing . Is there something else I need to remove in order to get a good look at this housing? thank you

Mechanic Q: 2001 VW Passat GLS Air Bag Fault?

Hi - the air bad fault indicator light has come on in this vehicle. What does this mean - is it a problem & how do I turn it off?? thanks

A: having transmissons problems with my acura again?

Yes thanks I saw this. Doesn't really help me out as my car is past their "extended" warranty period. thanks anyhow

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