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1991 Plymouth Acclaim Base 4D Sedan

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Numbers to duplicate door & ignition keys?

Hello I cannot find the numbers that are used to duplicate my 1991 Plymouth Acclaim door and ignition key. The keys I had made a few years back are not quite right and the key maker cannot make an exact duplicate with the Numbers. Where can I find them? Thanks

Mechanic Q: Muffler Change?

Hi, I have a 1991 Plymouth Acclaim 2.5 4 cylinder and I had a muffler put on about 3 years ago it still looks good but it is staring to make a noise and after looking at it I see NO holes but the seam on it seems to be wideing along the length of the muffler. My question is, can I just put muffler epoxy on it to seal it. or should I just get another muffler and if a new one can I just unhook the Clamp and slide the muffler off the pipe and replace it? Thanks

Mechanic Q: Alternator Housing Bushings?

Hi: Is there such a thing as Alternator Housing Bushings (bearings). I was out of state and this mechanic told me I needed a new timing chain so he put one in (he said) but when putting it back together he told me the belt on the atlernation wigged off and was turn to shreds and it was because i needed alternator housing bushings they were worn and he could not get them. So he said in order to get the belt to run straight, he reversed the bushings, and I got the car home ok and it seems to be running ok. I think he was lying just to keep my car longer to raise the labor costs. Anyway, my car dealer said he has bushings for the housing. would it be hard for me to change them myself, I cannot afford all this labor costs anymore? Please let me know what you think and Thank You, Tom