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towjoe42's Garage

1984 Ford Pickup Reg Cab Base

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: What is causing it to get hot??

Replaced radiator, thermostat, fan clutch. Still temp goes up to nine or above. Does not blow out any water. No bubbles in coolant resavour. If you turn the heater on and the fan the temp comes down. Shop checked to see if head gasket going out, said not from what they can see.

Mechanic Q: Radiator Hoses Missing?

I bought this truck as a cab and chassis complete motor and trans. No radiator or hoses. I I do not have any hoses with the truck, so I do not have a sample. The top hoses are supposed to be straight to the top of the head and makes a radical 90 degree to the pipe on the head. The lower is more complicated. They have two bends before connecting to the water pumps. Where can I find a source of Hoses and a radiator for it. How would I locate a radiator and hoses.

Mechanic Q: How to get heater working??

I have a 1983 Mercedes 300TD. When I turn the temperature wheel on the dash to the Red heat range and push one of the buttons like the defroster one No heat comes out at all either on the dash for the windshield or the vents. It does not get hot air if I push the button for the heat to come out the vent or floor. The temperature gauge needle on my other mercedes stays at 80 degrees centagrade, but this vehicle stays about 50 degrees centagrade. If the thermostat is not installed would this cause not enough heat to get to the heater and vents?