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tpward1500's Garage

2003 GMC Envoy XL SLE 4dr 4WD

Questions & Answers

Q: Can vibration at idle be caused by worn motor mounts? ?

Can worn motor mounts cause a vibration at idle. THe vibration goes away above idle.

Mechanic Q: How to solve suspension sag issue??

I have deflation of the automatic load-leveling rear suspension. Sometimes it will stay up for a day or so, other times, 20-30 minutes after the vehicle is shut off, it slowly "squats" to the bottom of the suspension. Suspension re-inflates upon starting car, sometimes it takes a few minutes for the air pump to start. Also, the car will fall to the low point of the suspension while driving. Sometimes it will re-inflate while driving, other times it will not inflate until the car is restarted on next use. This weekend, I replaced both axle sensors and the inflation pump assembly. Now, the car squats after about 20 minutes of being turned off. I have checked the accessory inflator Schrader valve inside passenger compartment, no air leak found. Problem still exists, what next? Thanks.