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1998 Ford Windstar Wagon Base 120.7 WB 3.0L

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Loss of power, shaking and engine hesitation?

After I drive for about 3/4 miles my car will start to loss power and now matter how much gas i give it, it still doesn't pick up any speed and lose speed if I do that. It starts to shake and hesitate for a while then it will all of a sudden start to pick up speed. I notice if I turn the car off and on it will make it stop doing that for a while but it stills comes back maybe after another 10 miles or so on the freeway. I've replace the spark plugs, spake plug wires and the coil pack. Now the car wont start! I think that my just be my battory and starter going out. I was told that all this could be cause by the EGR. Please can someone give me an idea on what it could be.