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Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: help get car started?

02 nissan altima 2.5 wont start after doing head gasket. it started 1 time. cut off to put suspension on to test drive wont start change cam and crank sensors,plugs, coils ,got 90 lbs. compression, still wont start. heard a poping noise when was trying to start.sound like a pencil snapping dont know if this had anything to do with problem.please help,i am at my wits end

Mechanic Q: why will 02 nissan altima not start?

put new head gasket. started car and it ran for 5 min. cut it off and finished putting axle and wheel on to road test. when i tried to start it back it would not start.heard a popping noise like a pencil snapping while i was trying to get it started.replace crank and cam sensor,new plugs, coils,got 90 pd. compression.when you try to start it will spark the 1st couple rev. then there is no fire. i can not get it to me im in desparate need. im at my wits end.i dont know what else to do. please help me.