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turtleboonie's Garage

1992 Nissan Stanza GXE 4dr Sedan Auto


2009-03-24 04:21:38
Great Car Overall   . . . . .   100% Useful Rating
The Good: Roomy, Comfy, Smooth, Not an eyesore. The Bad: Cupholders in center console, plastic timing chain guides. I
love my car, and it has been through SOOOO much. Currently it has 156,360 miles and is still running strong. The
plastic chain guides did break which caused a couple problem but got everything fixed. However this car is not meant
for driving alot of people around daily, but neither is any other car. If you try to do it, the car will suck gas in
like no other, and also prematurly wears out the motor mounts. I have had to replace my front one and am doing my rear
one when i get paid. Also the cup holder are found in the center console???? Not sure what Nissan was thinking there
but you can't have anything in your center console if you need cup holders. Other than that love the car. It's pretty
powerful too.

Questions & Answers

A: Whats it mean when the transmissions dipstick is covered??

it means you are doing something wrong when you are checking it. verify with your owners manual how to check it. typically though you drive the car for a good amount of time, i drive mine for fifteen minutes, and then on a flat surface with the car on check the level.