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2005 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Crew Cab 143.5 WB 4WD

Questions & Answers

A: encoder motor issues?

well the warrenty expired at 100k miles, the problem i have is if the part from gm is built by borq-warner is 455.00 with a 12 month warrenty, and the part i can get from another is a borq warner is 199.00 with a lifetime warrenty, wouldn't u think that gm is screwing me.. also I would consider it too be a saftey problem if the damn four wheel drive engages at 70 miles per hour when i just watched the drive shafts snap, the transfer case and transmission siezes...

Mechanic Q: encoder motor issues?

encoder has been replaced 3 times, gm want 655 to replace 12 month warrenty, if gm is having all these issues with mtr why hasn't there been a recall. also shifted into 4wd low at 50mph

Q: encoder mtr issues?

dtc c0327changed twice in 13 months, wanted way too much to fix 655.00 now 4wd is shifting into 4wd low. did yesterday at 50mph., whay hasn't there been a recall on these if there are so many problems with it.