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vampirepoe's Garage

1989 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Base 4D Sedan

Questions & Answers

A: where are the spark plugs on a 1999 crown victoria?

You can't be serious. There's 4 on the right side and 4 on the left side.

A: my blinkers are not working i had the relay replaced ?

The same flasher relay should work, but it sounds like your problem is in the turn signal switch located in the steering column. You'll have to pull the steering wheel off for access.

A: how do i know which fuse to change if my dome light is out??

If you have the owners manual there will be a diagram of the fuse box there. If not, take a look at your fuses and see if you can see one that has blown, sometimes this isn't easy. The best way would be to purchase a 'fuse tester' at your local auto parts store. There are some fuse packages that not only come with a varity of fuses, but also a free fuse tester. There will be instructions with the tester, and they are quite inexpensive.

Mechanic Q: I need a fuse diagram for my 89 LTD. The brake lights?

I need a fuse diagram for my 89 LTD. The brake lights aren't working. I want to check that before I replace the switch.

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