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1995 Saab 900 S 2dr Convertible Manual

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Coolant issue?

Recently bought the car used with 98,000 miles. Has a few problems, but most visible is the coolant that spurts out the top while the car is running. What might be the problem? My back yard mechanic says there may be some blockage in the lines, but he's not sure.

A: Coolant issue?

OK so you were right! It was the head gasket, after switching the radiator fan out and putting a new one in, it was still over heating. I got a new head and head gasket put in along with a water temperature switch just for good measure. It drove fine. Now its time to attack the clutch. The car was having some problems shifting into reverse and subsequently into first then while driving on the highway I was trying to switch into 5th and it wasn't working. While laying of the gas, I pushed the clutch in and put it from 4th, to 3rd, to 2nd. Apparently this was not a good idea because I heard a pop when I got it into 2nd and the clutch immediately went into the floor. I've asked a few people and they said I'll prolly need a new clutch assembly. Looked online and saw you can get multiple parts for the clutch. I opted to buy a clutch kit, but noticed none of them come with a clutch cable. Is that also necessary to buy in this situation?

A: Coolant issue?

Thanks sounds like a plan.

A: Coolant issue?

Good question. I forgot to mention that the coolant is coming out of the place where you put the coolant in. I know with a blown head gasket you would see some serious white smoke coming out of the exhaust. because of the mixing of oil and coolant, but that is not the case. I feel like it might be the thermostat because of the lack of the car's ability to have the fan turn on at all. At worst though it might be the radiator or the water pump. I'm putting the thermostat in tommorow so I will keep you posted.