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wadly's Garage

2004 Ford Ranger Edge 2dr Supercab 4.0L

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: What type of motor oil is best for a truck with 112000 miles on it??

The previous owner was running a synthetic blend motor oil. Would you recommend a full synthetic motor oil at the mileage that is on the truck now?

Mechanic Q: Where is the photo-electric sensor located for the automatic headlights??

While driving in daylight hours, the headlights will no longer go out automatically when in auto mode. I'd like to check the photo-electric sensor to see if it is dirty or there is something blocking the sensor.

Q: Has Anyone Had Any Tire Cupping Problems??

My front tires cupped on the inside after a few thousand miles. I began rotating the tires after every oil change and the cupping continued. Now all four are cupped. The balancing is good on all the tires and the alignment seems to be perfect, no drift, no pulling to either side, and no other uneven tire wear. The truck drives as smooth as any truck I've ever driven. The only side effect of the cupping is some tire noise that is generated from the cupping, but other than that, no problem. Any ideas on what has caused the cupping. I've already had Nissan check the motor mounts and they found no problems.