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2010 Ford Taurus SEL 4dr Sedan FWD

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Engine Problems?

Should I replace the engine with a used one? Don't want to put a new engine in a vehicle that would be more than the vehicle is worth.


2002 GMC ENVOY SLE Should I replace the Cylinder heads or replace the engine? Vehicle has been sitting idle for a few years. It trailed white smoke from the rear at 321000 miles.

Mechanic Q: where / how do you change the brake light?

I checked the 2 bulbs on each side and they work fine. I see a 3rd bulb area but that area seems covered.

Mechanic Q: Head Gasket or ENGINE?

I'm getting white smoke coming from the rear! Does the engine need replacing or the head gasket is the problem? The vehicle still runs