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Q: how do i remove the cv axle on front driver side ?

the axle failed and when i tried to rtemove it the halves seperated the part that inserts into the trans is still firm ly connected to the car and the rest is now on the ground i called hyundai dealer and was told to pry on it against the trans but that didnt work at all and i put a looooot of pressure on it i rented a slide hammer and the adapter will not go between the axle part and the trans i tried driving wedges into the small space between the axle and the trans and still no joy on the results what am i doing wrong id hate to think the transmission will have to be pulled apart for some silly little locking ring my only other option is to try and separate the part that i cant remove from my new axle and try to insert the new axle ito the hub thats still connected to the trans and see if i can make that work can anyone help me out here is there a trick i am missing with this job?