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1990 Ford Thunderbird Super 2dr Coupe

Questions & Answers

Q: Transmission issue or Engine issue??

When I first start up the vehicle and it's cold, it starts up fine...idles fine. When I put it into drive and start to go, it hesitates and sometimes almost wants to stall. I thought it was a transmission issue, but it's not that the engine is racing and not moving, it's almost as if you press the gas pedal and nothing happens. Then, all of a sudden, it will just kick in and go. Once you go 20 feet, all is fine. It's just that first initial start up when the car is cold. If the car is not in gear, the engine revs great and sounds great, so I didn't think it was an engine issue. Could it be a computer issue? Gas line issue? Tranny issue? Spark plug issue? I did recently have the car tuned up and this issue developed soon afterwards.