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2003 Saturn VUE Base VUE FWD Manual

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Sometimes when I try to start the vehicle, the dash security kight continues to blink. What is causi?

On occasions the security light continuously blinks before the ignition key is fully engaged to start. The vehicle does not start and the light continues to blink.

Q: Can the anti theft security which shuts off the fuel pump be by passed??

The security light flashes on and off on some occasions which makes me wait another 10 minutes before it will allow me to try and start the car again. Is this a relay, fuel pump or other issue?

Q: As I turn the key to energize the dash, my security light continuously blinks -What causes this prob?

I understand that it is an anti theft security and shuts off fuel supply so the vehicle won't start -can this circuit be by passed?