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zsayanian's Garage

2001 Cadillac DeVille Base 4dr Sedan w/Livery Pkg

Questions & Answers

A: Hoses & Belts?

I forgot to mention that I took a 250 mile trip yesterday...drove almost entire trip on cruise control and my mpg was 31.4 mpg (minimal local driving was involved at the two ends of the trip).

A: Hoses & Belts?

It's about what I expected...since the mechanic is unable to actually check the belts and hoses. Tires have always been maintained with proper inflation, show no abnormal wear and have been rotated even more frequently than usually recommended. There is still good tread present. I've been very pleased with these Michelin tires (and they're the originals, also. Thanks for the advice!

Mechanic Q: Hoses & Belts?

I'm still on the original hoses & belts. When I inspect them they appear "like new." I don't want to havea break down while I'm on a trip. Based on age & mileage am I likely to have a sudden breakdown?

Mechanic Q: Need advice regarding a 10+ year old battery?

My 2001 Cadillac Deville DHS with 55,000 miles on odometer is still on its original battery. Generator is charging "normal". Am I doing anything wrong by not replacing this battery? I have to admit that I've never previously owned a car with such a long lived battery. Car has always been garaged. If this battery dies while I'm on a trip am I likely to break down? Or, would I be able to continue driving to my destination as long as I don't turn the ignition off?