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1993 Chevrolet C K 2500 Base HD Reg Cab 131.5 WB C6P

1993 Chevrolet C K 2500
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August 24, 2012, 8:23 am

AutomotiveForums M

Question: Truck won't idle

Okay so 2 mechanics later and I'm about to give up and roll it off a cliff. I've been having some issues with the fuel system. So you'll know everything that has been done and everything it's doing. I'm going to start from the beginning.

The truck used to stall out when coming to a stop so we figured it might be time to have a tuneup. We took it and had the oil drained and flushed because apparently someone poured sand in my distributor and oil intake. Bought and rebuilt distributor, new spark plugs/wires and none of that seemed to help. We had our mechanic look at it and he swapped the TB out with a new one and replaced the gaskets/rings/fuel injectors. Also checked for vacuum leaks and found none. Now this is where it starts to get bad. It wouldn't idle unless you rev'ed the engine up for a minute and then would cut off the minute you put it in gear. As for finally being able to pull off, it would hesitate like it was about to stall then the engine would surge and it would take off. As long as the accelerator was being pressed it would drive fine, but the minute you let off the gas it would go to sputtering and acting like it wants to die. Giving it a good flooring would rev the RPMs and it would then again take off. Upon coming to a stop it would sometimes stall and when it did, the minute you crank it back up it would drive fine for a few miles then go back to the same old crap. I decided to jumper the ECM and pull some codes. Upon first inspection I got codes 15,22,33,35,44,66,67,81,82,83. I realized half of those were things we'd checked and never reset so I reset the ECM and pulled these codes 15,44,66,67,81,82,83. We then replaced the ECT sensor because the connecting piece was broken and thought we fixed the problem. However, it did not. We then took off the IAC and cleaned it, and TPS. Now I don't know if we did something wrong or what but now it won't even idle, and when you try to press the gas it makes a weird sucking sound and tries to die, when you release the gas the RPMs go back up and it idles for a few seconds then dies. I reset the ECM and pulled this code: 22, so I know it has something to do with the TPS. But what? And what was causing the problems in the first place? It has no A/C in it, it was removed by the previous owner and as far as the other codes 81,82,83 I have been having this strange problem where when I try to turn the key over sometimes, the light on the PRND123 won't light up and the needles on the meters won't move. Someone told me this could be the ignition switch not being able to supply enough voltage to the transmissions ignition circuit. Please help, I'm at the end of my rope and about ready to call it a day.

August 30, 2012, 8:43 pm

Richard W
Expert Mechanic

For all the things you`ve had done you should go to a gm specialist or the dealer to get it fixed.

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