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i just need to know how to open the mega fuse holder without breaking it. its fighting me, lol
I cant seem to find anywhere to release the cover so i can remove the 175A mega fuse
Asked by Jesse L November 20, 2014, 3:33 pm 1 reply
my car has been shakeing on start up
shakeing on start up an some times stolling shortly after start up or while driving after start up and the batterie light comes on I stop put it in park and start it again runs bet...
Asked by Christopher Z November 20, 2014, 3:16 pm 1 reply
Fix my Tow/Haul system
I have a 2000 2WD Silverado 1500 2WD that is stuck in the Tow/Haul Mode but the Indicator Light on the dash isn't on saying it's engaged and the button on the shift lever does no...
Asked by Michael H November 20, 2014, 1:40 pm 1 reply
what is wrong with my 96 camaro?
The security light is on. The car will not start unless it comes off. Time to time it will but for the most part it makes a humming noise if I try to start the car with the light....
Asked by Johnny G November 20, 2014, 11:58 am 1 reply
can you help me find where a brake switch wire goes
the brake has 2 switches a 2connector and a4 connector . the pink wire from the BSTI fuse goes to one side of the 4 connecter switch of the dual switch the other i accidently clipp...
Asked by Doug M November 20, 2014, 11:28 am 1 reply
Why are my lifters not the right height anymore?
I had to replace my head gasket on my motor. When I took everything off, my lifters fell out. I don't know which order they went into and now a few of them are not the same height ...
Asked by Kim S November 20, 2014, 10:35 am 1 reply
what would go in the hole of the transmission
what is the hole in the bottom of the transmission for on a 1990 ford f150 2 wheel drive pickup truck here is the picture
Asked by Tylin P November 20, 2014, 8:07 am 1 reply
brakes lock up
Stopped at red light, noticed smoke rolling out of back fender wells, apparently rear brakes had semi depressed and smoked my pads down to nothing, no brake light on at the time, b...
Asked by Sterling S November 20, 2014, 5:26 am 1 reply
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