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The environment for businesses in the automotive industry has never been tougher. Money is not being made in new car sales. The business tactics and marketing programs that have worked so well in the past are more expensive and less effective. While consumers can no longer be counted on to buy or lease new cars, there is plenty of business to be had in servicing and accessorizing the existing cars on the road.

DriverSide business services can help you:
  1. Increase your customers service frequency
  2. Generate more revenue
  3. Acquire new customers
  4. Recapture “lost” and inactive customers
  5. Reduce direct marketing expenses
Directly integrated with your store management system, DriverSide creates a personalized garage for your customers and prospects to easily manage all their vehicle needs. Based on your customer data of maintenance schedules, prior service history, current mileage, etc., DriverSide Online Garage automatically sends personalized and timely email messages to your customers, informing them of their vehicle maintenance needs while always promoting your business. Even if you have very few or even no customer email addresses, we can help you immediately through our proprietary eMatch service and in-store email collection solutions.

Best of all, DriverSide Online Garage will cost significantly less than what you are currently spending on your current marketing and direct-mail program, while generating significantly better returns. We work with a broad range of leading auto businesses helping them attract and retain their customers and have generated impressive results for these partners.
“DriverSide gives our franchisees an easy way to build lasting relationships with their customers and another method for attracting more drivers to their service center. We‘re very pleased with the program results.” said Robert Falconi, CEO of Precision Tune Auto Care.

Click here for details of the Precision Tune Case Study.
No matter what channel your business is in, we can help you achieve better results with lower costs. Contact us today by completing the contact form below. We look forward to working with you to grow your business!

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