Electric Vehicles: 2009 and Beyond, Part III

What Can You Buy Now, Future Technologies and How They All Work
By Alison Lakin
Why Plug In At All?
As Kasper points out, “The motivations to reduce the amount we spend on gas, to reduce our dependence on oil-based fuel, and to reduce our carbon footprints are the forces driving the changes in the EV market.”
We know it is hard to keep track of the quickly moving EV market. As consumers, we want things to happen yesterday and sometimes we forget why all of this is so important. Which is why, without further ado, we give you our top five list of why EVs are great!

1. Zero emissions. Nothing harmful comes out of that tailpipe.

2. Eventually we’ll have cleaner electric energy produced through advanced natural gas and coal gasification technologies. Installing your own solar panels would provide energy to power an EV – keeping you completely off the grid. 

3. We avoid buying imported petroleum and instead use domestically generated electricity.

4. Battery recharging is actually easy. Just plug in overnight and you’re set. EVs also use recycled energy from regenerative braking to keep you driving for longer.

5. Save money! Electricity is cheaper than gas. Recent estimates have found EVs cost 2-7 cents per mile. With fewer complicated mechanisms under the hood, operational costs are lower too.

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